A BIG Welcome to Our New Team Member

The founding partners of The Canmore Real Estate Team, Jim Ridley and Jordy Shepherd are excited and proud to introduce the newest member of our Real Estate practice, Mr. Jim Mamalis.

Jim comes to us from a management position with Parks Canada, where he worked for over 24 years, starting out as a Park Warden, working with Jordy for many of those years and from a similar Parks background as Jim Ridley did with Alberta Provincial Parks.

Jim has lived in the Bow Valley for 15 years, along with his wife Thea and two teen children. Obviously Jim enjoys the same outdoor pursuits that many of us do and wants to share his knowledge of the area with prospective Buyers that are committed to making Canmore their dream home community.

As an investor in vacation properties, Jim can advise our Clients interested in this product how to best market and manage these increasingly popular condominiums.

Why are we expanding? Jordy and Jim have, since their successful partnership was formed, been passionate about demonstrating the highest service levels we can muster to our Clients, be they Sellers or Buyers. The robust marketplace we find ourselves in now requires more resources than we have had the capacity to offer. We were faced with either turning down referrals and additional business that comes our way due to past performance, or augmenting our experienced team with someone else who can listen carefully to what our Clients needs are, put an ambitious plan in place to meet those needs and then implement that plan to achieve and exceed our clients’ goals. Jim has that ability to communicate, through many years of front-line public service. He’s organized, efficient, works hard at learning what would make each transaction successful; in a nut-shell do what it takes to get Job #1 done, your job.

We are so pleased Jim has agreed to join our team, now one of the largest true Realty teams in the valley and among the top producers, sales volume wise over the past five years. You can call us the “Three Amigos, Three Parks Protectors, Three J’s ~ but we like to think of ourselves now as Three Amazing Realtors that you can depend on ~ single point contact via team@canmorerealestate.ca, text and cell at 403-493-4663. At your disposal, now with extended hours.