The Ultimate Winter Home Preparation Checklist

Fall is the perfect time to winterize your home. As much as we may not want to acknowledge it, the snow is headed our way and Old Man Winter will soon be knocking on doors. Is your home ready for the visit? This week we’re helping you get ready with the ultimate winter home preparation checklist! Give your home a little TLC before winter starts and you’ll reap the benefits all season long.


  • Trim any overgrown branches near the house and electrical wires to prevent iced-over or wind-swept branches from causing property damage or a power problem.
  • Clean your patio furniture and put it away or cover it with a heavy tarp to protect it from the elements. The same goes for any lawn equipment.
  • Clean out the gutters to prevent water damage to the roof and surrounding areas and make sure the gutters and downspouts are secure.
  • Clean any debris from your outdoor air conditioning unit and cover it with a protective tarp.
  • Clean out your planters and bring pots made of clay or other fragile materials inside.
  • Remove any attached hoses, drain them, and store them indoors to prevent damage.
  •  Wrap any outside faucets with covers to prevent water damage. Be sure to drain them first and then shut them off to protect against the pipes bursting.
  • Check your roof for any missing, loose, or damaged shingles. If you find any, be sure to have them replaced to prevent leaks.
  • Cut the grass and leaves so that the small cut up pieces will nourish the lawn over the winter.


  • Schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance to avoid any surprises. Having a furnace check-up done before the cold weather officially hits is a good way to avoid waiting for an appointment if your unit conks out on the coldest day of the year!
  • Clean your whole home humidifier and replace the evaporator pad.
  • Check that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.
  • Check doors and windows for air leaks. Caulk inside and outside or replace the weather-stripping if necessary to help stop warm air escaping.
  • Remove window air conditioning units and replace the window.
  • If your sump pump only runs occasionally, be sure to test it to ensure that it is in working order to avoid floods when the snow melts. Do this by pouring water down to make sure the pump turns on when it should.
  • Replace your furnace filter for maximum efficiency and improved air quality.

The changing weather in the winter can wreak havoc on your home if you’re not prepared, so follow this winter home preparation checklist to keep things in tip-top shape!

Article by: HomeBridge Canada Inc.