Keep your valuables safe - in plain sight

Tjernlund Products has introudced a new wall safe that allows you to safeguard your small valuables by hiding them in plain sight (HIPS).

The HIPS is a fake air vent wall safe that looks like a typical return air vent.

Measuring 4.5-inches high by 13.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep, the model WS1 safe kit includes a steel container with flanges that mounts in a drywall cutout between studs, a metal faceplate, a grille that resembles a typical return vent cover plus mounting hardware.

“Model WS1 combines quick access to stored items and is one of the last places anyone would look for valuables,” says Bob Tjernlund.

“The HIPS wall safe discretely hides behind a standard register/vent cover, fits in between your standard studs and can be installed in minutes with no special tools. The wall vent safe also comes with a false wall so no one can see through the vent slots.”


Cover secures with included magnets for simple access or included screws for more security
Do-it-yourself installation with no special tools
Comes with paintable grille, screws, magnets, false wall, and safe
Price approximately US$90

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Source Article Calgary Sun