Steam Shower Installs by Jim Ridley

If you are considering a reno and installing a steam shower, we can offer a couple of insights from personal experience.  Jim has installed two, the first one incorrectly.

Often what leads a home owner to consider a tub reno or replacement is a spongy back wall behind adhesive tiles.  After removing tile and tub you will want to inspect studding for mold and consider replacement.  Install green wall board which is a bathroom rated gyprock or green e-board which has no paper and is actually magnesium rock, not in any way permeable to water.  Then a coat of “Redguard” paint which is very much like rubber, is called for.  It goes on pink and turns a bright red when dry so you can see if any areas have been missed.

Most  tub replacements are Acrylic and so choose one totally open on one side for stepping in and out of the shower plus a seat/bench built in to sit on while you are enjoying your Steam Shower.  The open side of the shower can be fitted with a raindrop glass door and side panels that you cannot see in or out of.

A local plumber can order in either a left or right hand drain tub that are 5 ft in length and fits perfectly where the old tub was placed.  A steam generator is needed to be located outside the tub either in the utility room or a nearby closet and needs only 110v current to power plus a water line in and out to the shower.

Now the tricky part if you’re going to take on tiling.  The ceiling must be done at a slight angle so that water will slide along the ceiling to the back wall so place that first.  Use epoxy tile mortar and epoxy grout as this is what swimming pool installers use.  You can only do a couple of rows of tiles at a time as it sets up super quick.

After the tiling is complete use a waterproof grout sealer as well.  Now it’s all water tight.  An operating tip would be that after use and a 30 minute cool down period with glass door closed, open the door for 24 hours to completely dry out your shower.  This will help avoid the build up of any mold over time.  Sit down and enjoy your new Steam Shower; I do every morning

~ Handyman Jim