The baby boomer exodus is finally under way — and it's driving up luxury condo prices

Baby boomers should have been free from the family home five or 10 years ago — but they’re finally free now

As baby boomers finally move out of their large family homes for the convenience of low-maintenance lifestyle of condos, luxury condo prices are outpacing appreciation in luxury detached homes in most markets across the country, a Royal LePage report finds.

According to the report, luxury condo prices outpaced luxury detached homes over the first four months of 2018 in Greater Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area, with median prices rising by seven and 10.4 per cent, respectively.

“Somewhat unusual in historical terms, and reflecting an important demographic shift happening across North America, appreciation in the luxury condominium market is outpacing the traditional target for large value residential property investment, the detached house,” said Phil Soper, President and CEO of Royal LePage in the report. “Baby boomers are finally exiting their large family homes, and luxury condos, with their low maintenance lifestyles, are the favoured destination.”

While prices have surged, the number of luxury detached homes sold fell nearly 70 per cent year-over-year in the first four months of 2018, while luxury condo sales dropped about 28.1 per cent compared to the first four months of 2017.

Royal LePage also noted “resilience” within home prices in the wake of government intervention with the Ontario Fair Housing Plan, new federal mortgage stress tests, and policies within B.C.’s provincial budget targeting foreign and domestic buyers.

“The resilience of home values reflects the strong aspirations of luxury buyers to reside and work in cities that are consistently ranked among the most desirable on the planet,” Soper said in the report.

According to Soper, this move towards luxury condos represents a change from past generation’s attitudes.

“People looked at condominiums as an entry-level form of housing, and a step down,” he said. “It was something for people less well-off or earlier in their lives to purchase.”

Now, Soper said buyers are choosing luxury condos based on their own lifestyle decisions, such as baby boomers downsizing homes after their children move out of the house.

“They’ll move somewhere with less maintenance, more amenities,” he said. “Maybe more walking, less driving, that sort of thing.”

Soper noted over the past decade, baby boomers were not leaving their suburban homes when they expected to. Part of it came from the amount of storage space needed for larger possessions, but a larger factor was millennials staying at home longer than past generations.

He attributed this to factors such as millennials pursuing more education and delaying marriage for longer periods of time. Now, as millennials have grown up and started leaving in larger numbers, older homeowners have been able to leave their homes and look into options such as luxury condos, Soper said.

The increased demand has led to more condominium developments outside of major metropolitan areas, Soper said.

“(Baby boomers) should have been free five or 10 years ago, but they’re finally free now,” he said.

Source Article Calgary Herald

20+ Creative Home Hacks You May Want To Try

We have all thought about what our dream home would look like. It’s natural! After all, we spend most of our time at home, so we might as well make it as perfect as possible. Some of us would like to have two staircases in the house for easy access, to be perched on top of a hill with a great backyard view, or to have a his and her walk-in closet.

Regardless of what your dream home will look like, I guarantee you that the creative and unique home remodeling ideas below will make you reconsider. After reading through this list, I couldn’t help but add a few new ideas to my wish list.

Create a bedroom for the dog!

Save space in your home and create a bedroom under-the-stairs for the family dog.

Lower the living room

Create a unique feel to the living room by making it “sink.” It’s an elegant design that creates a space within a space.

Baseboards that vacuum!

Rather than vacuum or use a dustpan to clean up the crumbs and other scraps on the floor, this special baseboard will be a huge time-saver. Just use a broom and this will suck up all the debris!

A sink with jets in the laundry room

Tired of separating your delicates from the other clothes? Install a sink with jets in the laundry room so that you can wash your delicates while you wash the other clothes. Talk about being efficient!

Maximize the staircase with storage space

Why should the space below the stairs go to waste? Add a pull-out storage unit underneath the stair!

Built-in bunk beds

Build the bunk beds directly into the walls for a more classy and sophisticated feel.

Accordion windows for the kitchen

Install accordion windows for easy open and close. This is perfect for the kitchen as it lets you air out any unwanted odors, and it provides a warm, cool breeze while you cook!

Create a cozy nook!

Find unused space and create a cozy, comfortable nook to take a nap or read a book.

Try a small office

If you don’t want to create a nook with unused space, try to create a small office.

Two dishwashers

Two is always (usually) better than one. In this case, two dishwashers saves you so much time. Alternate between the two so that you always have clean dishes readily available.

Comfortable shower

Create a lounge chair in the shower for a relaxing experience

Walk-in shower for easy cleaning

A walk-in shower is much easier to maintain and manage since you don’t have to deal with debris on the glass doors of a normal shower.

Build a tree-mansion

Don’t just settle for a small playhouse. Go all out!

Transform a shed

Transform an unused into a pub shed, a she shed, or a greenhouse.

Hidden book shelf

Create a book shelf underneath the staircase

Baseboard storage

Maximize every possible space. This is genius!


This is super creative, and it gives you a place space as well a bed room.

Secret room

Always wanted that “secret” room from the movies? Try this out

Garbage and recycling chutes in the kitchen

Chores just got so much easier.

Hidden counter space

If you are cooking up a feast, then this could be really useful. Pull out a hidden cabinet for some extra space.

Starry night

Fall asleep under the stars

Fireplace near the tub

Talk about peaceful!

Add a small deck

Add a small deck to the master bedroom for a vacation getaway-like experience at home

Built in seating around the fireplace

Space-efficient and perfect for the winter months!

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The Power Washer – Your Home’s Best Friend

Recently I acquired a power washer and I really don’t know how I got along without it. 
Years of grime that I could not get off with just the jet on the hose are now gone.  

This is such a fun way to clean as the results are so striking it is very instantly gratifying with little effort on your part.  

Your house and yard will be sparkling clean when you are done.  This increases your curb appeal if you are selling or if you just want your home to look great.
This is the perfect tool for everything you want to get clean.
  • Patio Furniture
  • Plastic or wood picnic table
  • Dura-decks
  • Patio stones
  • Preparing the wooden decks for staining
  • Washing stucco, aluminum or plastic siding
  • You can even do your car!
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Screens in doors and windows
  • Fences
  • Your car
  • Garage floor & door
  • Driveway
  • Sidewalks
And so much more… 

Pressure washers come in large, small & medium.  Electric and gasoline models are available depending on your needs.  You can find a Pressure washer at your local hardware store or Canadian Tire.

For safety, follow these guidelines:
  • Don’t point the pressure washer at people or pets or put your hand in front of the nozzle.
  • Wear safety glasses when operating the washer.
  • Don’t use pressure washers while working from ladders. Once you squeeze the trigger, the powerful recoil on the spray wand can throw you off balance and off the ladder.
  • Maintain a minimum 6-ft. distance when spraying water around power lines, electrical masts or outlets.
  • Before uncoupling hoses, stop the machine, turn the water faucet off and squeeze the spray wand trigger to release all water pressure in the system.
  • Engage the safety lock on the trigger when you’re not actually washing and when changing nozzle tips.

4 Kitchens That Will Make You Want Brass

See how this trending finish holds up to a variety of cabinet colors and styles

1. Brass on Blue

Designers: Marty Buckenmeyer of Buckenmeyer Architecture (architect) and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts (interior designer)
Location: Portland, Oregon
Size: 195 square feet (18 square meters); 13 by 15 feet

Homeowners’ request. Update a dark 1970s kitchen to better reflect the traditional-style home but with a fresh point of view.

Brass. Brass pulls and pendants over the island bring warmth to the blue cabinets (Philipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore).

Other special features. Walnut wood shelves. Backsplash of handmade subway tile.

Designer secret. “Blue cabinets are more forgiving than white in terms of maintenance,” designer Charlotte Cooney says.

Backsplash tile: subway tile in milk glaze color, 3 by 6 inches, Bread and Butter Tile Co.; countertops: Caesarstone in Calacatta Nuvo, polished; lighting: Schoolhouse; wall paint: Cloud White, Benjamin Moore

2. Brass on White

Designer: Kimberly Ayres
Location: San Francisco
Size: 340 square feet (32 square meters)

Homeowners’ request. As much cabinet storage as possible, an attractive place for appliances, a workhorse island, plenty of light and a stellar view.

Brass. Brass cabinet pulls, light fixtures and faucets. “We chose brass accents for a touch of a midcentury vibe, a favorite style of the homeowner, and for overall warmth,” designer Kimberly Ayres says. “Brass cabinet pulls and pendant lighting soften the island’s marble waterfall design.”

Other special features. The cabinets are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl at 50 percent. “As much as we love natural marble, it simply wasn’t a good fit for this family, who worried about stains and maintenance,” Ayres says. “We chose Neolith [a porcelain material from Spain] for the island and perimeter countertops, and everyone is pleased.”

Designer secret. “This room has a nice ceiling height, so we divided the hanging upper cabinets into two rows,” Ayres says. “I used the golden ratio to work out door heights in order to create a perfect proportion.”

Transitional Kitchen by Earthway Enterprises, Inc
Earthway Enterprises, Inc

3. More Brass on White

Designer: Amy Sullivan of Simplified Interiors
Location: Overland Park, Kansas
Size: 230 square feet (21 square meters); 23 by 10 feet

Homeowners’ request. A big kitchen with plenty of light and storage, and that feels open to the living area and backyard deck.

Brass. Brass pendant lights and cabinet hardware. “We added brass in ways that would not be expensive to change if the homeowner wanted to adjust with future trends,” designer Amy Sullivan says.

Other special features. Calacatta Gold marble backsplash. Salvaged-wood open shelves. A hidden office with file drawers, a coffee station, an appliance garage, storage for a mop and vacuum, and more.

Designer secret. “We started with what could not change in the space — the ceiling beam on the left side that supported the house — and from there built a kitchen that was all about balance and light,” Sullivan says. The right beam is faux, and the French doors and two windows are new additions.”

“Uh-oh” moment. “When the counters were installed on this project, we had the installers leave the plastic film on them, as the space was still under construction and we wanted them protected,” Sullivan says. “The next week when we took the plastic off, we realized the color on the slabs was inconsistent. We later discovered that one section was from a different dye lot — they were quartz. It was disappointing to find such a big problem so close to the end of the project. After many conversations with the stone resource, they corrected the problem and reinstalled the countertops.”

Transitional Kitchen by COMPAC

4. Brass on Black

Designer: Federico Martin of IRP Designs
Location: Rye, New York

Homeowners’ request. A kitchen with a Los Angeles look.

Brass. Golden hand-brushed metal cabinet hardware, accents and custom hood. Brass pendant lights.

Other special features. Raw chestnut wood shelves. Backsplash is large-format subway tile in a stacked pattern with dark grout. Black matte lacquered cabinets. “The black lacquered matte with gold finish gives that L.A. vibe,” designer Federico Martin says.

Time to Wash the Windows

Now that the pollen from the trees is gone it is time to wash your windows here in our Mountain Town of Canmore.  It will make your house sparkle and let more light into your space.  There are many ways to wash the windows here are some to choose from.

Hire somebody 
Canmore has some good window washing companies such as Whytey's (403-609-8840), Clear-Vue (403-678-0152) , Men in Kilts (1-800-777-5458) , Bow Valley Views (403-760-7373) and Cascade (403-760-9005). Most of them will do both inside and out along with any cathedral windows you may have.

Mix one part hot water to one part distilled vinegar. Sponge cleaning: Moisten the window, using the solution, then clean. Squeegee cleaning: Always dampen the squeegee first and clean from the top down, wiping the edge of the squeegee after every stroke. Clean only when there is no direct sun on the windows.

Dish Soap
Mix dish soap in a bucket of hot water (I prefer Blue Dawn as it gets rid of grease). Using a squeegee start at the top left, pull the squeegee over the soapy pane in a reverse-S pattern (left-handers would start at the top right). At the end of each stroke, wipe the squeegee's blade clean with a lint-free rag. Cloth diapers or old linen napkins are perfect for this task.

Pressure Wash 
Add Soap Concentrate to Pressure Washer Reservoir. Pour multi-use soap that is formulated for pressure washers into your washer's reservoir. Most formulas will show on the packaging that the soap is safe for siding, windows and sidewalks. Install the soap tip to the end of your pressure washing wand.Use Pressure Washer to Apply Soap. Use the soapy spray to target the trim, keeping the tip of the wand at a 45-degree angle to the window and trim. Aiming the wand at an angle to its target will help to lift and remove dirt from the trim, windowsill and glass from beneath more effectively than blasting it straight on. It will also help to loosen any flaking paint, which helps with preparing your window trim for a new coat of paint. Turn off the pressure washer and switch the tip on the wand to a “general use” tip. A tip that delivers a 15- to 20-degree angle will provide a stronger pressure stream that will effectively remove soap that is on the surface and any dirt that has been loosened by the soap. Spray from the top of the window downwards to completely rinse the window clean.

How to get rid of stubbon spots
Over time, hard-water runoff from masonry or rain falling through metal window screens leaves stubborn mineral stains on glass that normal washing can't erase. So after a regular cleaning, wet the glass and gently "superclean" it either with fine 000 steel wool (if the panes are small) or with Barkeeper's Friend, which contains oxalic acid. (Other brands of powder may scratch the glass or fail to remove stains.) Mix the powder into a paste on a wet towel, to rub away the stains, then rinse and squeegee the glass twice to remove the residue. Old paint can be removed by scraping with a razor blade.

And lastly if you are having an argument with your partner, wash the windows together.  Keep in mind you both have to work on the same window at the same time and you are not allowed to break the glass.  You may just laughing instead of being angry.

Five ways to beat the renovation blues…

So, anybody who’s done any form of home renovation, no matter how small, will know it can be soul destroying at times. Here are my five little tips to keep the renovation blues at bay…

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 Create a safe haven 

Whether you are renovating one room or a whole house, its important to have that one clean and simple place to escape to. It’s likely that not only will you have dust everywhere, but furniture will be hanging out in places it shouldn’t and tools will be spread far and wide. My advice is to choose a room and turn it into you haven. Keep the extras out, keep it clean and keep the door shut! When we first moved in to our work in progress burrow, we turned our spare room into our safe haven and rocked life old school. We embraced Uni living again and it made the world of difference.

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 Be organised 

As mentioned above, you will end up living in a whole heap of mess. My advice is to really think things through. When emptying a room, pre-plan whats going where and what you are likely to need. Write lists, mark-up boxes and don’t be afraid to change room floor plans to make space for everything. Nothing gives you the renovation blues more than stubbing your toes on boxes 10 times a day! Another sure fire way to get down in the dumps about living in a dump is when it drags on. The more you prepare your renovation project,the less time you will spend living upside down. Don’t start a project until every little detail is planned and prepped, that way you can just crack on with minimal surprises.

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 Don’t lose sight 

One of the things that always gets to me is when you stop seeing the wood for the trees. No matter how vivid your vision for your new room is, after seeing so much rubble, washing so much dust from your hair and tidying up so many tools its can get really hard to see past it. My advice is to create mood-boards, keep your beak well and truly lost in Pinterest and Instagram. As nuts as this sounds my other advice is to not be afraid to sneak paint samples on the wall (even if it is way too early in the process) and why not get your nice accessories out of their boxes and put them in your building site for half an hour just to look at them. Do what ever it takes to keep excited and look past whats in front of you.

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 Don’t try to go it alone 

Whether it is saving for professionals or letting family and friends lend a hand. Don’t try and be a hero, accepting help will keep your spirits high. Nuf said.

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 Don’t forget to laugh 

No matter how much you follow all of the above, guess what… s**t will go wrong, things will break, deadlines will slip and there will be dark days, but it’s so, so, so important not to lose perspective. Take a deep breath and laugh. Everything seems better with laughter.