Condos in Canada’s Popular Winter Recreational Regions Post Strong Price Gains in 2018

TORONTO, November 28, 2018 –According to Royal LePage, prices in many key winter recreational real estate markets are experiencing healthy year-over-year price appreciation, as retirees, investors and buyers looking for winter getaways continue to spur demand.

Across Canada, trends vary based on the region. In western Canada, the median price of a condominium in winter recreational regions rose at a faster pace compared to detached properties, while the median price for the latter dipped. In particular, condominium prices in Whistler and Mont-Tremblant (Station) increased 26.5 per cent and 30.0 per cent, respectively. Condominium prices in Canmore also saw significant appreciation when compared to last year, alongside a considerable increase in sales activity.

Quebec’s strong economic performance and consumer confidence have fueled demand for the region’s winter recreational properties as buyers with more discretionary income from within the province put upward pressure on recreational property prices. In Collingwood, Ontario, median prices have also made healthy gains, as residents within Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe flock to the region’s accessible year-round amenities.

“Canada boasts the world’s most spectacular winter experiences. Across our vast land are recreational regions that offer adventure, opportunities for creating priceless family memories and a simple refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life,” said Phil Soper, president and CEO, Royal LePage. “The number of buyers shopping for a four-season recreational property, be they traveling a modest drive from the local metropolis or a jet-setting trip across the pond, is again on the rise, and recreational property values are rising as a result. This is particularly true in the mountainside condominium market as more and more investors seek the convenience of lock-and-leave living.”

Regional Summaries


 204 – 707 Spring Creek Drive, Canmore, Alberta,T1W 0K7 | Royal LePage Rocky Mountain Realty | $829,900 |  Listing agents: Jim Ridley, Jordy Shepherd, Jim Mamalis

In Canmore, which is situated a beautiful 20-minute drive from Banff, the median price for a detached home dipped slightly by 1.1 per cent year-over-year to $918,500. In contrast, the median price for a condominium surged 9.6 per cent year-over-year to $472,000.

“We’ve seen more sales activity in the entry-level market this year,” said Brad Hawker, broker and owner, Royal LePage Rocky Mountain Realty. “While most buyers in Canmore are from within Canada, we have seen a slight increase in international demand from the United States and Mainland China.”

Hawker also mentioned that with limited land for future development keeping values intact, it is likely that baby boomers and Gen Xers will continue to purchase recreational retirement properties in the region.

British Columbia

In the Municipality of Whistler, home to Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, property prices in both the detached and condominium segments have increased significantly. When compared to the same period last year, the median price of a detached property home rose 14.5 per cent year-over-year to $2,400,000, while the median price of a condominium increased significantly, rising 26.5 per cent year-over-year to $610,000.

“More affordable properties are still seeing high demand, despite a slowing in overall activity,” said Pat Kelly, president and owner, Royal LePage Black Tusk. “The B.C. foreign buyer tax and speculation tax does not apply to Whistler, and as such there has been no drop in interest from  international buyers. That being said, recreational properties in the area are primarily bought and sold by individuals who are local to the province, while international buyers only represent a small proportion of sales in Whistler. In 2019, we expect further price appreciation, albeit at a slower pace than in previous years.”

Kelly added that growth in the tourism sector over the last five years has fueled an increased demand for condominium properties, as many buyers are searching for short-term income rental and investment properties.

Meanwhile in Invermere, sales activity has remained relatively stable while the median price of a detached home has decreased year-over-year to $401,250, increasing affordability in the region.
“Recreational properties in Invermere remain affordable and we are seeing an increase of sales in lower-priced properties, which affect the median home value,” said Barry Benson, broker and owner, Royal LePage Rockies West. “Given the proximity of our market to Alberta, if we see economic gains on the other side of our provincial border, it will likely spur consumer confidence among prospective buyers and increase sales activity as we move into 2019.”

Benson added that the British Columbia wildfires also impacted sales activity over the summer months. In 2019, Invermere is expected to experience the same positive uptick in activity.
Detached homes in Kimberley made the largest median price gain of regions surveyed as demand far outstriped supply. Potential buyers were shopping with less than 40 per cent of the typical inventory level for the region.

“While demand for detached homes in Kimberley is strong as buyers continue to be attracted to the lifestyle offered in the region, median price appreciation also reflects more expensive homes being sold,” said Darren Close, managing broker, Royal LePage East Kootenay Realty. “Buyers looking for a deal in the region should consider condominiums. Not only are they close in proximity to the slopes, overbuilding in previous years has kept this housing type affordable and offers excellent selection.”


In Collingwood, median property prices continued to increase in 2018. Detached property home prices rose 6.3 per cent year-over-year to $549,900. Properties in the condominium segment experienced an uptick in value as well, rising 5.4 per cent year-over-year to $407,700, demonstrating a steady demand for recreational properties in the region.

“Torontonians, and those living west of the city in Cambridge, Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo, make up the largest buyer segment in Collingwood, and the region is seeing increased sales activity from these purchasers,” said Rick Crouch, broker and manager, Royal LePage Locations North. “Recreational property buyers are choosing Collingwood for its year-round amenities, such as access to private ski resorts in Blue Mountain, bicycling clubs and hiking trails.”

Crouch also added that there has been an increase in sales activity in the $300,000 to $500,000 price range. In 2019, the demand for recreational properties is expected to remain steady, as baby boomers purchase these properties for use in their retirement years.


Median home prices in most of Quebec’s Laurentians have risen this year compared to last year.   Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Sauveur, Morin-Heights and Saint-Faustin/Lac-Carréare seeing increased demand from Gen Xers looking for a seasonal getaway and to enjoy fresh air just outside Montreal. Demand was mostly seen within the condominium segment this year, as recreational property buyers sought homes that require no maintenance.

Between January and October of 2018, the median price of a condominium at the foot of Mont-Tremblant’s ski station saw a significant increase climbing 30.0 per cent to $325,000, compared to the same period in 2017. During the same period, year-over-year, the median price of a condominium in Mont-Tremblant’s Village rose 8.1 per cent to $186,500 while the price of a detached home increased 1.9 per cent to $425,000. Further away from the slopes, detached property home prices in St-Jovite remained relatively flat, dipping 1.3 per cent year-over-year to $230,000, while the median price of a condominium saw a 2.2 per cent increase, during the same period to $199,950.

“Proximity to the slopes is a key requirement for many buyers. Mountain-side properties are appreciating at a healthy pace, especially in Mont-Tremblant where the resort is undergoing significant improvements,” said Paul Dalbec, real estate broker, Mont-Tremblant Real Estate, a division of Royal LePage. “Mont-Tremblant’s popularity keeps growing as a renowned ski resort, including among international buyers whose numbers are increasing over the years.”

Closer to Montreal, the median price of both detached homes and condominiums in Saint-Sauveur increased 18.9 per cent year-over-year, reaching $305,000 and $270,000, respectively. Fueling these increases is demand from Montreal’s North Shore spreading further into the Laurentians and Greater Montreal Area’s employment growth in recent years. During the same period, Morin-Heights saw detached property prices appreciate 13.0 per cent year-over-year to $315,000. In contrast, home prices in the Saint-Faustin/Lac-Carré area decreased a more modest 4.9 per cent to $173,500.

Although sales should slow slightly in December, Dalbec expects the market to pick up again near the end of January 2019 as buyers return to the market after the holidays.

In Estrie, the Bromont, Orford and Sutton regions continue to be a prime target for Montrealers looking to buy recreational property. In Bromont, as a result of increasing demand for condominiums, the median price in that segment rose 8.9 per cent year-over-year to $247,500, while the price of a detached home in the region remained relatively flat, appreciating 1.4 per cent to $355,000. 

Meanwhile, Orford and Sutton single-family home prices rose 12.6 and 10.1 per cent to $295,000 and $345,000, respectively.

“With their proximity to the Island of Montreal and its South Shore with ski resorts and lakes nearby, Estrie remains a popular destination for buyers,” said Christian Longpré, agency owner and real estate broker, Royal LePage Au Sommet.

Waterfront and slope side properties are most coveted by buyers, although these are usually more expensive.

“We are seeing a pull towards slope side condos for families, which is great for ski-in ski-out. It allows parents to sleep in while kids go skiing,” added Longpré. “These types of turnkey properties are selling faster than in previous years. Rather than having to worry about renovating and maintaining their recreational property, owners want to spend as much time as possible enjoying outdoor activities.”

Meanwhile, numerous baby boomers are buying secondary homes with the intention of moving in permanently when they retire in a couple years.

Time to Decorate, Inside and Out

The time for Christmas Decorating is upon us.  The weather is looking good for the next week, this is the perfect time to decorate your home, inside and out.

As always, we are very conscious of safety.  Here are some great tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time preparing for your holiday season.

Make sure your tree is fresh.  This means that needles do not pull off easily, the needles do not snap when they are bent in half, the limbs are strong and only a few needles drop off when shaken.  Look for a tree that has a bottom that is sticky with resin.  This will be the start for your perfect tree.

Keep your tree away from heat sources. Make sure your tree is a good space away from fireplaces or heater.   Keep a fire extinguisher near your tree.

Share a drink, with your tree! Water is the best for a tree.  Make sure you check your tree every day and add more liquid when needed. A dried-out tree can catch fire faster than one that has been properly watered.

Artificial trees are now difficult to tell from real trees.  They are less messy too.  Be sure your tree is labeled “fire resistant.” Fire-resistant trees are less susceptible to catching fire.

Strategic placement of ornaments.  If you have children or pets be extra careful when decorating your tree.  Hang unbreakable and larger ornaments on the lower branches and small (choking hazards) and breakable ones on the top.  Ribbons and string are a better alternative for hangers than metal hooks.

Buddy Up when stringing lights and decorations.  Make sure you use a proper ladder with someone supporting the base and that your ladder is on level, firm ground.  Always have three points of contact with the ladder.   

Double-check your lights for safety. Replace any lights with frayed wires, broken sockets, and loose connections.  Look for the UL safety label on your lights.  A red label means you can use them inside & outside and a green label means indoors only.

Lights off before you go to bed. Turn off all lights inside and out when you go to bed and before leaving the house to avoid a short that could start an electrical fire. You can also purchase a timer to turn the Christmas lights on and off in case you forget.

Prevent electrical cord damage. Don’t mount lights in a way that might damage the cords and avoid using nails or tacks. Use hooks or insulated staples instead.

Use the proper outlet.  Outside your lights should be plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).  This is the outlet with the reset button on it.  If there is a power surge the breaker inside the box will trip and power off. 

Tie down your inflatables.  Make sure that each blow up is secure as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Turn your fans off when it is windy or when you are away.  This will reduce the chance that Frosty goes dancing down the street.

Secure candles. Keep candles on a sturdy base to prevent tipping. Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Don’t burn wrapping paper in the fireplace. Paper can catch fire very quickly and can cause flash fires. Instead, recycle (or better yet, reuse!) your wrapping paper.

Beautiful but deadly. While festive, poinsettias are poisonous when eaten, so keep them out of reach of kids and pets.

Be happy, be safe, have fun and enjoy the upcoming Holidays!

Making Merry with a Late-in-the-Year Home Sale

You may have fewer people viewing your home during the fall and winter months, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fewer offers. Compared to selling a home in the spring when there are more homes on the market, selling during the final months of the year can often be a successful endeavour.

With careful planning and a few helpful tips you can showcase your home  and find time to enjoy the season too. Here are tips to help you through a late-year sale:

Weekends are for showing. Homes show better during the daylight hours, but as the days get shorter, the work week gets in the way for many buyers. However, this can work in your favour if you are selling a home late in the year. Show your home over the weekend during the day and leave it the evenings to enjoy outside social events.

Get help with the cleaning. ou’ll need to keep your home sparkling clean for showing, so this might be a good time to spend a little extra money on a housekeeper. Alternatively, have the whole family pitch in daily to pick up, wipe clean, dust and vacuum. Many hands make light work.

Trim a smaller tree.
Opt for a smaller Christmas tree and decorate sparingly to make an impact while not taking over the room. Be sure to store wrapped presents out of sight.

Strip out the clutter to make merry.If you’re selling during the holidays, it’s critical to clear out and store away all household clutter and personal items. Once the decks are clear, you can accent with a few tasteful and carefully-placed decorations.

Leverage tradition to create a warm, homey atmosphere.
Plump pillows in cream and golds and soft earthy coloured throws coupled with red and woodsy greens accents provide seasonal touches that draw directly from nature. This kind of decorating is easy on the eye and attractive to any buyer.

More information on selling your home can be found here.

27th Annual Royal LePage Food Drive

The Royal LePage Spirit of Christmas Campaign Food Drive is scheduled for Thursday December 6th. 

Volunteers will be going door to door starting at 5:30 pm collecting donations of Non-Perishable Food and and Donations. Leave your porch light on and someone will come by your home.

If you will not be home or get missed and would still like to make a food or cash donation you can drop that off to the Royal Lepage office until Christmas at 101-710-10th Street, Canmore, AB, T1W0G7. Please make cheques payable to “Spirit of Christmas Campaign”

Would you like to volunteer to drive or walk? 

You can participate by driving some volunteers around town to collect food donations for the Christmas hampers and food bank. If you would like to participate please contact Debbie at 403-678-5113 or email her at

All food and proceeds go to the Christmas Spirit Campaign. This society was established in 1997 by the Canmore Lioness Club. This annual initiative provides hampers of groceries and toys to those living in Canmore, Exshaw and Morely who could use a bit of holiday support.  For more info or to apply for a hamper this Christmas visit The Christmas Spirit Campaign website at

Bells of Peace on Remembrance Day

On November 11, bells will ring out across Canada to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War.

In Canmore both the Ralph Connor Memorial United Church and Saint Michael's Anglican Church will ring their bells 100 times, at the going down of the sun 4:59 pm.  

The ringing of bells emulates the moment in 1918 when church bells across Europe tolled as four years of war had come to an end.

On November 11, 1918 … church bells rang out spontaneously across the country to celebrate the signing of the “Armistice.” After four brutal years … and so many young men and women dead or injured…the First World War was officially over.

One hundred years ago, relief and joy swept our land. On November 11 at sundown in Canmore at 4:59 pm Ralph Connor Memorial United Church and Saint Michael’s Anglican Church will commemorate Armistice 100.  We will mark the occasion through the Royal Canadian Legion Bells of Peace ceremony.

On November 11, 2018 … our bells will toll 100 times. With each peal, we will remember the close to 66-thousand Canadians and Newfoundlanders at that time, who were killed in the First World War … the 172-thousand wounded … and the countless others who suffered invisible yet painful wounds.

This Ceremony will be happening at sunset (local time) across Canada, United States, Europe and
When you hear the bells toll on November 11, take a moment to pause and remember all those who served and sacrificed.

We will remember them.

For services in Canmore on November 11 please visit

An International Celebration

Belgium, a human chain was formed on the waterfront with 6000 people linking hands. The chain was 21 km long. Small boats with the name of a person who died during the war were sent out to sea. 

Paris, Tribute to the sacrifice made by war animals is marked by a monument. 1.1 million horses died in the great war.

For more memorial and tributes world wide visit 

In Europe on November 11 there will be a series of events on Centenary of Armistice

On 11 November there will be a series of events to mark the centenary of the Armistice, including a commemorative service at St Symphorien Cemetery near Mons, Belgium, where the war began in 1914 and where the first and last casualties of the battle lie.

The National Service of Remembrance at London’s Cenotaph will follow traditional lines, as it remembers the fallen of all conflicts, but the march-past which follows will be expanded.
During the day, church and other bells will ring out as they did at the end of the First World War, and government funding is supporting the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers to recruit 1,400 ringers – the number lost during the war.

The day will end with a service at Westminster Abbey, London, along with others in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast, to give thanks for peace and those who returned.

4 ways to keep your Poppy on your jacket.

1. Use the pin to go through the material of your jacket then back through the leaf of the poppy.
2. Use a pencil eraser end or an earing back to put on the end of the poppy pin.
3. Glue the black centre of the poppy onto an old fan pin and use this to hold your poppy on.
4. Purchase the new Poppy with better a clip on it.

You can also purchase a digital Poppy that you dedicate to someone who embodies the values they fought for.

Time to Downhill Ski Starting this Friday!

A dusting of snow in may have some mountain lovers thinking about dusting off their ski and snowboard gear and if so, they’re in luck.

Sunshine Village, Nakiska Ski Area and Lake Louise will be opening for the season on Friday, November 9.

“The conditions are looking good,” Sunshine communications and brand manager Kendra Scurfield said Tuesday.

“We have a base of around 60 centimetres, a bit more, and more snow is expected. Our team has been working really hard to pack down all the snow that we can so that we can open as much terrain as possible.”

Not every run will be open, but Scurfield said Strawberry Run, as well as the hotel and some food and drink services, will be available.

Sunshine will also offer free skiing for all veterans and military personnel as a way to say “thank you” over the Remembrance Day weekend.

Nakiska also announced Tuesday it would be opening with “early season conditions” on Friday.

“Given Nakiska’s location, Calgary’s closest mountain, you can work in the morning and make first turns in the afternoon this Friday,” Matt Mosteller said.

The ski resort said in a news release it would stay open through weekends until the hill’s official opening on Nov. 30, when the runs will be open seven days a week.

Nakiska said in a news release it would stay open through weekends until the hill’s official opening on Nov. 30, when the runs will be open seven days a week. It will open at 12:30 p.m. on Friday.

The hill at Sunshine will open Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., with the gondola operating 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Scurfield said there will be parking at Sunshine Village, adding skiers and snowboarders can catch a shuttle to the hill from Banff at several locations throughout the town.

Lake Louise is also opening on Friday, November 9th. 

Get ready, here comes winter and another amazing season of skiing and riding at the Lake Louise Ski Resort! Join us at 9:00am on Friday, November 9th when the first chair of the season departs the base area.

Who's going to be camped out or first in line? Who's going to have the best outfit? Who's going to spread the most stoke? Make it the Lake on opening day and find out!

Free awesome swag giveaways from THE NORTH FACE for the first 100 people in line at Glacier Chair! It's the TNF Opening Day Takeover! Be there.

Season Opener Party
Get your early season stoke on and join us for our annual Season Opener Party on Sunday, November 18th! DJs, raffle prizes & drink specials in the Sitzmark Lounge! The grand prize draw is a 2018/19 Adult Season Pass!

Global News Calgary

Just Listed - 139 - 140 Kananaskis Way


This amazing 2 bed, 2 bath Canmore Rocky Mountain Vacation Townhouse boasts a large year round outdoor pool and hot tub. located conveniently close to all town services.

The main level has 9' ceilings, dining room, full kitchen with granite counter tops, and living room with fireplace and pull out couch.

As an end unit in the complex it is very quiet and features additional bay windows in kitchen and main bath. Upstairs you will find two bedrooms.

There is one shared bath, plus the master bedroom has an ensuite. You won't believe the gorgeous decorating style the owners have implemented; comes fully furnished with upgraded new furniture throughout.

Turn key ready to self-manage as a Vacation Rental (earned more than $80k gross in 2017 and 2018); and/or enjoy this town home when you can.

Two locking owner storage closets in the condo and one ski storage locker outside the front door. GST paid on this purchase may be deferred until selling in future.

More info