Fall Curb Appeal

Whether you are selling your home or enjoying home ownership, decorating for the season is a nice way to make people feel welcome.

Decorating your yard, front door and porch is fun and simple using items from the grocery store, leaves from your yard or your local hardware store.

Here is a video from Flamingo Mango showing you some easy DIY ideas that will enhance your entry way for Fall Curb Appeal.

"Changing things up seasonally is fresh and festive and keeps your home from feeling tired. Even small details that are thoughtful can be very inviting."It’s high time to change the summer decorations of your beautiful porch onto fall ones. And here are some cool tips: first of all, pumpkins! Use them for décor as you like – put them on the steps, on the porch, or put some vintage sideboard. Moreover, Gourds, pumpkins, crates and fall blooms is an ultimate mix to build a seasonal "altar". You can't go wrong with Plaid blankets. They are perfect additions to porch' seating furniture when evenings become colder and colder.Hope you guys get some inspiration from these DIY Gorgeous Fall Front Porch decor ideas"

Video by Flamingo Mango Youtube
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Top 5 Home Décor Trends to Fall in Love With This Season

Fall is a new season for fashion but it’s also a big one for décor. As temperatures cool, we begin spending more time indoors and are inspired to give our spaces a seasonal update.

So what’s hot in home décor for fall? From retro prints and statement sofas and the return of all-navy-everything, plan on giving your interiors a major style shakeup this autumn.

Our advice: don’t jump on all these trends at once. Like fashion, décor trends come and go. Instead, invest in either a key piece or a few choice accents. Here are some of our favourite fall home décor trends to inspire you.

In the navy

Photo by Emily Wang on Unsplash

No doubt navy is a crowd favourite, with the indigo hue popping up on everything from sumptuous velvet chairs to lamps, accessories and headboards. Like black, navy offers that rich, saturated look but manages to still feel cozy. It blends with virtually any existing colour scheme in your home while adding a decidedly elegant edge.

Let’s get tropical

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

A continuation of last year’s trend, the tropical movement is showing no signs of slowing down. This year, it’s less about all those carnival bright pops of colour and more about a monochromatic palette of lush greens. It’s a bit Palm Springs and a whole lot of retro: think palm prints, wicker furniture, Martinique-inspired banana leaf wallpapers, ferns, orchids, batik or oak to give your space a nice urban polish.

Make a sofa statement

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash

Considering it’s one of the larger pieces of furniture in your home, why not turn your sofa into a centrepiece? Ultra-luxe, ultra-large and ultra-comfy sofas are de rigueur this season. Heavily-tufted, they make their presence known and the ones that are trending now are in extravagant jewel tones like emerald green, deep burgundies and violet.

Wild for tiles

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

Ever heard of encaustic tiles? They’ve been around since medieval ages and now they’re emerging as one of the biggest design trends of the year. Made of two or more colours of clay, tiles are inlaid together to create a unique pattern. Today, improved versions are embracing a more contemporary feel, meaning they can complement any design scheme. With a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from, any room in your home can benefit from their stylish impact: kitchen backsplashes come to mind first but feel free to experiment with bathroom floors, front foyers, laundry rooms and even fireplaces.

Shine on

Via Pixabay

All the rage in the ‘70s, chrome is back in a big way. The shiny metal is mostly seen in lighting fixtures and home accessories but we love the look in kitchen hardware best. It’s crisp, clean and will stand the test of time.

by Lara Ceroni @ realtor.ca  

Home sales increase for 4th straight month, but prices still flat nationally

Average price in Canada was $475,500 in August, rising by 1% in previous 12 months

Activity in Canada's housing market has picked up after a trough earlier in the year, but on a national level average prices are still barely higher than they were a year ago.

The Canadian Real Estate Association, which represents 125,000 realtors across the country, said home sales increased by 0.9 per cent in August, the fourth monthly increase in a row after new mortgage rules implemented in January took a big bite out of the market in the first part of the year.
But the monthly sales figure is still four per cent lower than it was a year ago.

"The new stress-test on mortgage applicants implemented earlier this year continues to weigh on national home sales," CREA President Barb Sukkau said in a release. "The degree to which the stress-test continues to sideline home buyers varies depending on location, housing type and price range."

The number of sales every month is inching higher, and so too are prices, on average.

CREA says the average price of a Canadian home sold last month was $475,500, a figure that has increased by one per cent in the past year. But CREA says the average figure isn't the best gauge of the market, because it is skewed by higher prices in big markets like Toronto and Vancouver. So instead the realtor group touts a different figure, known as the House Price Index, which it says strips out the volatility.

By that metric, the HPI increased by 2.5 per cent in the year up to August, slightly higher than July's pace.

But there are wide variations across the country.

Gains are still strong in British Columbia, with an annual increase of 4.1 per cent in the Greater Vancouver Area, 10.7 per cent in the Fraser Valley, 8.5 per cent in Victoria and 13.6 per cent elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

The market was softer east of the Rockies, however, with prices down by 2.2 per cent in Calgary, by 2.1 per cent in Edmonton, by 4.8 per cent in Regina and by 2.3 per cent in Saskatoon in the past year.

"Markets in Saskatchewan and Alberta dealing with oversupplied conditions," Toronto-Dominion bank economist Rishi Sondhi said of the numbers.

Most of Ontario saw gains, with an increase of 7.2 per cent in Hamilton-Burlington, 6.6 per cent across Niagara Region, 5.5 per cent in Guelph and 1.4 per cent across the GTA. The increase in the GTA is the first annual uptick in six months, Sondhi noted.

The area around Barrie was a soft spot, down 2.7 per cent in the past year.

Prices in Ottawa have increased by 7.1 per cent in the past year, and by almost as much (5.9 per cent) in the Montreal area.

"It's clear that housing markets are moving past the [stress test] induced weakness earlier in the year," Sondhi said. "Questions now centre on the path of the recovery going forward. Our view is that sales and prices will continue to grow, but that rising borrowing costs will restrain the pace of expansion."

Pete Evans · CBC News · Posted: Sep 17, 2018

Today Jim & Jordy Walked A Mile In Her Shoes

As many of you know all Royal LePage franchises across Canada manage and support a Shelter Foundation intent on raising awareness for violence prevention.

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes® combines big hearts with big feet and brings the whole community together for a great cause. The event premise is simple: men walk in women’s shoes, raising eyebrows and funds in support of the Bow Valley Victims Services and the YWCA Women’s Shelter.

We do this in part by donating a portion of our Real Estate commissions earned on each transaction to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, from which 100% of these funds go directly to these local agencies.

As well Royal LePage Agents in Canmore participate in the annual YWCA Banff Walk a Mile in her Shoes fundraiser, a hilarious gaggle of men trotting around main street in gals’ garb and pink high heels. We raise funds for this endeavor through pledges made by our friends, family, colleagues and clients.

Last year at Walk a Mile, Drew Betts, Jordy Shepherd and Jim Ridley make the cover of the paper. 

In 2017 our Team were among the top 10% of Royal LePage Realtors nationally of donors to this worthwhile cause which we are extremely proud of.

This year's walk, was held in Banff and next year it will be held in Canmore.

You may make still make a pledge by selecting our Team ~ Royal LePage Rocky Mountain Realty found at www.bowvalleywalkamile.ca/donate and should you do so, we thank you in advance.

9/11 Let us not forget!

Donna Cravotta, a friend of mine, was there on 9/11. She worked in downtown New York the day this tragedy occurred.  This day is etched in her mind and each year she wears these shoes to remind her of the horrible events that occurred that day but also to remember to love and help each other.
Here is her story of remembrance. 

It is September 11th. I cannot believe that it's been 17 years since the unthinkable happened and our world was changed forever.

There are so many that lost so much more than I did that day. I was born and raised in NY and grew up in the shadow of the World Trade Center, those buildings were in the fabric of our lives, so many events happened in and around them. My sister worked across the street at Merrill Lynch and I remember going to work with her as a young child and watching them go up. My brother-in-law works for the Port Authority and he would take us up on the roof. I rode in many bike tours that ended victoriously in the plaza between the buildings. I even worked there for 2 weeks on a temp assignment on the 102nd floor. They were just there, every time I saw the skyline of the city I love they took my breath away.

September 11, 2001, was a magnificent day, the sky could not be more blue, the perfect NY late Summer/early Fall day. I was on my way to work and listening to Howard Stern on my walkman – I honestly thought he was joking as he reported that a plane hit the World Trade Center…. then I looked up and saw that plume of smoke that is etched in the memories of all who saw it. I got off the bus and the next thing I remembered was I sitting at my desk and trying to sign on to my computer.

I remember the day so clearly, but there are chunks of time that are just gone. We all watched the events of the day unfold in a conference room and one thing I will never forget is the expressions on the faces of my friends and colleagues, eventually, we realized that we needed to do something, make sure everyone was OK, get home to our loved ones.

At the time I lived in Riverdale, which is in the Bronx and as I realized I was going to need to walk home in my very pretty, but very impractical shoes. I ran out to Sports Authority, it was mayhem, I would have bought a bike or a scooter, but they were gone. So I grabbed a pair of sneakers and as many socks as I could buy – as I walked back to my office I handed out socks to people in the street.

These are my September 11th sneakers and my remembrance ritual every year is to wear these sneakers and wish all good and positive things for the many, many people that lost their lives that day, their families and loved ones. The first responders with on-going health issues and the kids that lost or never met their parents. I am wearing them right now.

There were a group of my co-workers all walking in the same direction, we waited for a colleague’s wife who was walking uptown, she worked in Tower 1, but was fortunately late to work, it was election day and she voted that morning. It was incredibly eerie as we walked through Central Park, it was packed with people, but very very quiet, no one was talking, there was no traffic, no buses, no taxis, no helicopters. The hustle and bustle was gone. I was very grateful that I was not alone.

For the next few weeks, NY was a strange place, everyone was polite. I love my fellow NYers and they are kind and good people, not necessarily polite and that was off-putting. I was secretly relieved when everyone got their attitude back…..

About a month later my son was conceived, over the next few months, I learned that seven people that I worked with were pregnant and we were all due mid-month between April and October. Coincidence, maybe… I did not really think about it, I was happy, my pregnant friends were happy, all the babies were healthy and well. But as each year goes by I think about this and I know these kids, and now so many more as my son grows up, they are special… A few years ago I started to think this was not an accident, we are repopulating, replacing special people that were taken violently and too soon. Who knows for sure, but it makes me smile and restores hope. I know I am keeping an eye on those born in the year 2002.

Today and every day, hug your kids, tell your friends and family that you love them and if you happen to be in NYC look up and remember…..

Thanks for allowing me to share and please be mindful of your social media posts today – let’s just wait until tomorrow to market our businesses and sell our stuff. I would love it if you would share your stories of remembrance too.

Written by Donna Cravotta - Social Pivot PR


Located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park! 

This 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom waterfront luxury Chalet, with mountain and lake views, was custom built in 2017. Every detail was meticulously crafted.

 Enjoy vaulted spaces with modern and clean finishing. The gourmet kitchen is a chef's paradise. Relax in the theatre room.

 Step off the private deck, and wander down to your firepit and private lake access, with mountain and glacier views. The 25 year Alberta government lease was renewed in 2013 ($600/year). Enjoy lakeside living and vacationing with your family and friends, within 1.5 hours drive time from Calgary on paved highway.

 Fully automated building systems include high efficiency furnace, backup propane power generator, network cables throughout, energy efficient lighting and appliances, and heated tile floors in all bathrooms and the laundry room / mud room. Composite decking and low maintenance exterior and landscaping. Single car garage plus additional parking.

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Getty Images
If keeping your various loans, lines of credit, bank accounts and a mortgage in order is becoming a herculean task, some Canadian financial institutions are touting a simple solution.

So-called all-in-one mortgages, sometimes referred to as all-in-one lines of credit, combine all your financial obligations into one chequing account.

Websites for some of the banks offering an all-in-one mortgage tout its potential advantages.

National Bank of Canada says an all-in-one account lets you automatically access the repaid portion of the principal, it can reduce the service fees associated with having numerous bank accounts, and it can reduce the interest rates you pay compared with many loans.


Investors Group Inc. says as you deposit paycheques or other income into your account, it instantly reduces your debt, and thus the interest paid on it. But when funds are needed to pay bills, you can access funds from that same account up to your limit.

Manulife Bank, which brought the all-in-one concept to Canada from Australia where it had proven to be popular, calls its version Manulife One.

Rick Lunny, president and CEO of Manulife Bank, says Manulife One is an all-in-one mortgage, line of credit, chequing and savings account that simplifies banking and life.

“It is one easy-to-manage account and there is no need to transfer funds between multiple accounts,” said Lunny. “With Manulife One, deposits automatically offset against the value of your mortgage. This means you only pay interest on your mortgage balance minus your savings balance, which enables customers the opportunity to become debt-free sooner.”

He says having better financial flexibility allows a person to quickly adjust to unexpected costs, making the all-in-one account the kind of personalized banking option that many people are looking for.

“Having the maximum flexibility to manage debt responsibly is increasingly important, for people with debt or people without debt,” he said.

However, some financial advisers caution that people considering an all-in-one mortgage must be use sound judgement and not view it as an easy line of credit.

They say people should also keep in mind the need to pay down the underlying loan, and not look at just the monthly interest payments as a guide for their spending habits.

At the end of the day, Lunny says since everyone’s situation is unique, people should connect with their financial adviser to decide which financial product makes the most sense for them.

Aug 31, 2018  Gerald Vander Pyl  Calgary Real Estate News, Canadian Real Estate News