16 Backyard Pub Sheds You’ll Want to Drink In

Homeowners turning their unused sheds into cozy hangouts is becoming the latest trend. Pinterest pages and Facebook timelines are brimming with photos of DIY mini-masterpieces. It’s time to get in on the craze and turn your dusty tool hostel into an inviting retreat fit for a quiet evening for one or a backyard neighborhood party. Here are sixteen pub sheds you’ll want for yourself.

1. The Blue Pirate
This shed was a featured design on the new FYI reality show He Shed, She Shed. The seafaring, pirate theme evokes the scent and sense of adventure on the high seas, and the windows are reminiscent of those on an actual pirate ship. Warm colors and little details (like the goblets) round out the theme. There’s even a pirate skeleton bartender! Just be careful he doesn’t cheat you on your doubloons.

2. The Boston Pub
This shed reminds us a bit of an Irish bar you might find in Boston. Something about the exposed brick, the tastefully mismatched stools, even the carpeting makes us think we’ll hear accents and joyous rancor on St. Patrick’s Day from people with names like Kelley and O’Brien. The warm lighting and what look like lists of specials and other menus on the table are nice touches.

3. The Outpost
Okay, we didn’t have to be entirely creative with this name since the pub already has one. The exotic look would be very inviting to people who want an island vacation without the long plane flight and all the shots. The sign is made out of a repurposed boat oar, and the vintage wood stools fit perfectly in with the décor. This is an excellent hint-of-the-islands theme without being overbearing.

4. The Neighborhood Hangout
It does look as if you could fit an entire PTA meeting in here, doesn’t it? This person must have a fairly large backyard and shed to be able to do this, but it works very well. The whole place is inviting, with cool colors and a rustic bent throughout. The rough-hewn wood is especially nice, and the chalkboard on the far wall speaks of a handwritten elegance.

5. The Bar for Two
It’s possible to fit more people in here but not too many. The closeness of the space facilitates natural and unhurried conversation, and the lovely windows between roof levels allow natural light in and the warm glow of the bar’s lights out. This warmth pairs well with the deep red of the siding. Someone has also clearly done a good job with landscaping, which complements the shed nicely.

6. The Outdoor/Indoor
Are we indoors? Outdoors? Yes! Who cares about fine points of precision when you get to unwind in this lavishly modern, streamlined backyard retreat? The drapes are an excellent and weather-proof touch during hot days or rainy nights, and it looks like there’s ample seating in and around this shed. The wood (or made to look like it, perhaps) siding is lovely and coordinates well with the color scheme throughout. As would virgin daiquiris while sprawled on the couch!

7. Fiddler on the Tin Bar
This bar has creatively taken the traditional tin roof of some sheds and used it for the whole thing. One would think this would be unappealing or cold, but it comes off as modern, bright, and durable (and the cool grey of the deck somehow enhances the whole thing. The pops of color in the flower and glassware are just enough to liven up the monochromatic of the siding.

8. The Backyard Wine Cellar
If the whole PTA could fit into number 4, a whole wine-taster’s convention could hold its annual meeting here. There are so many interesting and creative touches in this example. Obviously the bar is well-stocked. The woodwork is warm without being overdone, rustic and log-cabin-esque without being bereft of modern clean lines and minimalism. Our favorite part is the barrels above the bar. Maybe the owner brews his own scotch or whiskey as well.

9. The Ornate Getaway
This has hints of 1920s drawing room in it. Maybe it’s the elaborate metal paneling on the ceiling, which bespeaks Jazz age and lavish parties at the Plaza. Or maybe it’s the ferns strewn throughout, which add an airy lightness to the room. This pub features an excellent blend between warm and cool colors, and it’s positioned nicely so the view from the doors is one of carefully-cultivated foliage. We think Gatsby himself would approve.

10. Colors International
The bright colors of this pub stay vibrant and bold without being garish or overpowering. Flags from many nations line the ceiling trim, and the outdoor-only seating is reminiscent of a walk-up restaurant or even food cart you might find in New York City or LA. The stools swivel, so make sure you have seltzer water if any rambunctious kids (or adults) get nauseous from one too many spins.

11. The One With the Hammock
Yes, this backyard pub really does have an actual hammock inside it, along with lots of other seating. This is perfect for really unwinding and relaxing. With the breeze coming in from the open doors, you just might think you’re on a private getaway to some sunny island. (Just be sure no one is sitting in the chair beneath you while you’re in the hammock. Having you sway back and forth in their face might not be so tropical for them.)

12. The Mini-Great Room/Man Cave
This really does look like a marriage between a nicely-decorated great room (the suede and tile pull in those themes) with a higher-end man cave (the tasteful bar and the Marilyn Monroe print on the back wall). Surprisingly, you could fit at least four people in here (five counting the bartender). And there’s even a flat screen TV—for watching He Shed, She Shed, of course.

13. The King’s Shed
Castle touches abound in this shed that looks like a chess piece writ large. The stained-glass choices are truly pub-like (perhaps the most of any of these), and the fact that there isn’t a traditional bar nor seating other than the benches makes this example stand out. Simple, unassuming, a tad mysterious (why is it called a ballroom?), this one just might be the talk of the neighborhood.

14. The Good Doghouse
Every man would want to do whatever it took to get sent here! The chicken wire on the windows and doors is an ingenious touch. Blond wood pairs well with the dark irons and metals, and a diverse bar would doubtless meet any man’s fancy. There’s even a jukebox in the corner!

15. The Cozy Spillover
We love all of the seating in this pub, and how it gracefully cascades down the steps into the rest of the yard. Lots of little details make this pub inviting and aesthetic, including all the plants and the lamppost-inspired lighting (as well as the mini-lamppost near the step’s edge). The attentive landscaping and gardening adds to the loveliness of the entire place.

16. The Brewer Shed
If you’re into brew-making, this Brewer shed will be absolutely perfect. Many backyard pubs lack the streamlined traditionalism and simplicity of the metal shed. This version capitalizes on it. The difference here is while the other sheds are formatted to be bar-like, this one becomes your own personal distillery! Just make sure you do it justice by making something other than moonshine.


Want a place to hang out with friends and family that’s a bit unconventional, creative, and cutting-edge? These fifteen pub shed ideas just might spark your own imagination and allow you to join in on the latest DIY craze. Happy pubbing!

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