9 Clever Ideas to Make Your Small Backyard Feel Bigger

Summer is the time we spend in our backyards and outdoors in general.  Time is taken to create our own little space outside.  Here are some ideas for your small backyard.

When you imagine your dream home, what does the outside look like? For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind is space: space to run, space to relax, space for the kids to play, and enough left over to entertain, install a pool, plant a garden, or enjoy any of our other outdoor interests. Those dreams are great, but when most of us wake up, it’s to a yard far smaller than our ideal. That’s why it’s so good to be reminded that small is beautiful, too, as this post from WooHome recently did for us. If you’re creative and clever, even the narrowest of outdoor spaces can feel like an oasis. So we decided to round up our favorite tips, ideas, and inspiration for ways to make small backyards have big personalities. Check out what we found and see which ones YOU should try today!

1.Stone Patio Pool

Some people dream of a backyard pool, but few of us have enough room for both a pool and for just sitting and enjoying fresh air— unless we combine them! This stone version has three different depths to be a splash pool, a wading pool, and a full-depth pool . . .

2. Outdoor Lounge

Small backyards are often found in cities where it can be difficult to get healthy grass growing, and the lack of lush lawn makes the tiny space even sadder. Make it better by treating your yard more as another room, making an outdoor lounge using budget-friendly products.

3. Multifunctional Furniture

If it works indoors, it’ll work outdoors, too! Multifunction pieces like tables with storage or adjustable seating lets you use your outdoor spaces however you like without having to fill them with accessories.

4. Vertical Gardens

Of course we all want to grow things in our yards – it’s what they’re for, after all! – but the amount of space gardens take up can be overwhelming. Go UP instead with a vertical garden, and make your fence or privacy wall green and lush at the same time. Hint: mason jars will be a big help here.

5. Tiered Planters

Prefer more traditional planters? Make sure you’re still maximizing your ground space by arranging them in tiers!

6. Minimized Dirt And Other Mess

While we’re on the subject of plants, in general, planters are better for a small yard than ground-cover soil. You still get the green, but you don’t end up with mud or other debris that can quickly take over when there’s such little space. Even more generally, embrace minimalism to keep your yard feeling spacious!

7. Plant Particulars

If you’re going the more traditional planting route and growing things directly in the ground, be particular about the plants you choose. Lean more toward dwarf plants, conifers, and other plants and shrubs that are smaller and less prone to spreading out and taking over your yard.

8. Murphy Bar

Want to entertain but don’t have the space for a full outdoor bar? Make a Murphy bar! This DIY foldable bar is fun to build and to have, and the perfect size for mixing summertime cocktails.

9. Murphy Picnic Table

Don’t stop with the bar! A foldable Murphy-style picnic table gives you the option of huge outdoor suppers without having to commit to a permanent table taking up valuable space.