Here’s a scenario that likely happens to you every once in a while.  You’re at work, at a house party, or just walking through the neighborhood when someone asks, “Do you happen to know a good…?”  You can fill the blanks.  A good Dentist; A good Landscaper; A good Accountant.

How do you respond?

You probably want to help, so you provide the names of one or two professionals in that industry that you know or with whom you have worked.  You understand how difficult it can be to find a solid, reputable professional, so you’re happy to give the gift of a referral.

Why are we bringing this up?

Well, the next time you’re asked to recommend a good Real Estate Agent, we hope you’ll feel comfortable giving that person our names.  As you may know, we build our business on referrals from Clients like you.  That’s why taking care of our valued Clients ~ before, during and after the transaction ~ is so important to us.

So if you get a chance to do someone a favour and give them our names, you’ll have our appreciation ~ and our thanks!


The system many of you may be aware of and presently subscribe to is called PCS or Private Client Services.  It is a premium property listing and sale notification system that allows you to see what new properties are listed and for what price, as well as receive a quick note when prices change, and finally the sale price when sold.  “What an incredibly useful tool”, one Client recently commented.

Whether you are a prospective Buyer or Seller we encourage you to let us know if you wish to subscribe to PCS within a pre-set criteria of search profile.  This would include size of property, location, # of bedrooms.  Please call Jordy or Jim to discuss your unique search parameters and start enjoying more free time, instead of spending time looking on several search engines for the up-to-date information you need.

Note: there is no obligation or cost to take advantage of this service and you may unsubscribe at any time.  Just contact us at and we will do the rest.

This is just one more way we assist in "Guiding you Home and Beyond".