Be the First to Know ~ How to find out the latest Listings or Sales.

Everybody wants to be informed first about a new listing on the market when they are looking for a new home or want to sell their current one.

The tool that Real Estate Agents use to do this is called Private Client Services (PCS) Value Proposition.

PCS is a prospecting tool that features automatic emailing of new listing matches. This unique product also allows your Realtor to instantly create private webpages for their clients displaying property listings pertaining to specific search criteria tailored specifically to your needs. The Realtor enters the search criteria and instantly a private webpage for you will be updated with real-time matches to those criteria.

What exactly is PCS?  A nifty property search tool many of you may be aware of and presently subscribe to is called PCS or Private Client Services.  It is a property listing and sale notification system that allows you to see what new properties are listed and for what price, as well as receive a quick note when prices change, and finally the sales price when sold.

So if you are looking for a new home, selling your current home or just watching the market this is a great tool for you to sign up for now.

Whether you are a Buyer or prospective Seller we encourage you to let us know if:

a. You wish to adjust your parameters of search if registered already or if not registered,

b. You wish to subscribe to PCS with certain criteria of search profile.  This would include size of property, location, # of bedrooms.

Please call Jordy or Jim to discuss your special parameters of search if this is unclear.

This service is complimentary, can be easily modified or unsubscribed to at any time and is just one more reason you can count on Jim and Jordy to “Guide you Home and Beyond”.

Contact us now to set up your own personal and confidential PCS