Bear 148 - In Grave Danger

Bear 148 - Alex Taylor Parks Canada

Bear 148 is a prime example of the close proximity that we, in the mountains, live with our wildlife.

She is six years old and around 400 pounds.  She has already had multiple encounters with humans the latest being this week in Canmore. She has never harmed a human, she just wanders in her mountains wherever her paws take her regarding no human imposed boundaries.

She is a collared bear and according to the data collected by Fish & Wildlife she spends around 9 to 95 percent of her time in Banff National Park.  It is believed that she has bred this season and will be having a new cub next year.

Why is she in danger?  
People love to have a photo of a bear and approach her on a regular basis.   This increases the risk of conflict and unfortunately Bear 148 will be euthanized should she harm a person.

How can you help?
Please stay away from any bear you see.  Not only does this guarantee your safety (they are unpredictable wild animals) but it increases the chance that there will be no human/bear conflict resulting in the death of a bear.

Never feed any wild life!

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