Mountain Heat Wave? How to Beat the Heat!

Wow, we are going into our first heat wave of the summer.

Typically, here in the mountains it is cooler.  Temperatures rarely go above a high of 25 c with a low of 10 – 15 c.  This week we are expecting highs above average ranging up to 31 c.  As most of us do not have air conditioning in our mountain homes here are a few ways to beat the heat.

Mist Bottle
Mist yourself with peppermint tea.  Brew up a pot of herbal peppermint tea or add your own mint to a pot of green tea.  Once it is chilled in the fridge pour it into a mist bottle and spray away. This will give a cool, tingly feeling to your hot skin.

Pressure Points
Placing an ice-cold water bottle on points such as your ankles, wrists, neck or behind your knees will help cool you down quickly.

Chrysanthemum tea lowers body temperature and may even soothe heat rash. Make iced tea in or other cool drinks and enjoy them over ice and don't forget to drink lots of plain water to keep your hydration levels up.

DIY Air Conditioning
Place ice or frozen water bottles in front of your room fan.  This will cool the area and lower the room temperature.

Eat Hot Soup
What?  Yes, hot soup or spicy food.  This will increase your blood circulation and it will cause you to sweat thus cooling your external temperature.

Cool Shower
Take frequent cool showers to keep your body temperature down.  This also rinses off the sweat and gets rid of that “sticky feeling”.

Freeze Your Sheets
Put your sheets into a plastic bag and put them in the freezer.  Make the bed just before you go to sleet and you will have cool dreams.

Chill Your Mattress
Too hot to sleep? Wrap ice packs in towels and put them into your bed prior to laying down. Once you are in, put them on your feet or neck.  This will keep you cool all night.

Close the Windows and Doors
In the morning before the house heats up close all your windows and doors, this will keep the cool air in the house.  When the sun goes down open everything up to get the benefit of the cool night air.

Stay Cool Everyone!